Caleb Leung

2nd year medical student in the University of Alberta undergraduate medical program. Previously studied 4 years at Simon Fraser University, BC in the Kinesiology and Biomedical Physiology program. Outside of school, interests include piano and electronic keyboards, swimming and photography. 
​Research Interest: Currently working on a teaching study to see whether eye-tracking data of expert surgeons can improve residents’ skill of vigilance during minimally invasive surgery. Vigilance is defined as the surgeon’s ability to maintain attention on a procedure while remaining alert to environmental stimuli and events in the OR. 

Jennifer cifuentes

Jenny is a Mechatronic Engineer from the National University of Colombia. She obtained her MD in Industrial Automation at the same university in 2010. She is currently a Phd Student in the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon, France. Her work is focused on biomedical signal classification field.

Josh Butcher

I've been playing football for the past 14 years of my life. I currently enjoy playing football on the Offensive Line for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. I am hoping to use the knowledge I've gained from my football experiences with film work to analyze team behaviours in the OR. I also enjoy volunteering in the community

.Research Topic: Find a way to monitor good team cooperation, readiness, and communication of the surgical team through the use of the dual eye-tracking systems. This provides insight into team cognition by measuring cohesiveness of the individual team members gazes.


Maggie just finished her third year of her undergrad studying computer science at East China Normal University. Her summer project is about using video analysis and eye-tracking technology to record team performance in the simulation setting then detect behavioral markers through video analysis to examine team cognition.  Outside of the lab, she enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking and watching movies.

Yifan Hao

Yifan just finished his second year in Statistics at SFU.  His summer project is to determine whether the number of layers/thickness of the gloves worn by surgeons have an effect on surgical outcome by using force sensors.

​​Francesca Seal (Old Profile)

I just finished my second year of my undergrad studying biomedical sciences in both French and English at the University of Ottawa. For my project we are looking at the influence of the specific healthcare providers who form a cardiac surgical team on the efficiency of the surgical team as well as the resulting patient outcomes. 

Benedict Yong

Ben is a second year medical student at the University of Alberta; He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Biological and Physical Sciences. His current research pertains to the skills obtained by surgeons through video games and its transferability to minimally invasive surgeries. Outside of the lab, he enjoys travelling, running, playing piano, and long walks on the beach. 

Cypriana Koziak

Third year medical student at the University of Alberta. Graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science with Distinction, Major in Biological Sciences, in 2011. Interests outside of academics include dance, traveling, and playing with her puppy Titan.Currently working on a study involving eye-tracking and tool movement during laparoscopic surgery, and comparing these measures between novice and experienced surgeons, especially pertaining to the learning process.

Short-term students

Louise PEi

I recently finished my fourth year of Life Sciences with a minor in Health Studies at Queen’s University. Some of my favourite activities include travelling, cooking and enjoying time with family/friends! This summer, I am analyzing the surgery starting time and its effects on total procedure time. 


I am a computer science graduate who is interested in human computer interaction. My past research involved developing an augmented reality system for viewing medical images. I have experience using various tracking systems and am currently helping with data collection in the lab. My hobbies include film history, esports, rock climbing, metal and organizing the paper discussion group.

peter wang

I am a 1st year medical student at the University of Alberta. My interests outside of academics include piano, guitar, singing, skiing, and watching hockey (go Canucks!). For my current project, I am working on stereoscopy and depth of view in minimally invasive surgery.


Xiaoyu is a first year master student from CAD&CG State Key Lab, Zhejiang University. Her research interests include medical image processing, computer graphics and artificial intelligence. She is currently in a joint research project between University of Alberta and Zhejiang University, which aims to develop simulation-based clinical education system using state-of-art simulation technology. Her research focus on exploring fast and efficient organ segmentation and reconstruction algorithm based on CT images.


I just finished my third year of undergrad studying Control Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University and I’m applying for a master or phD degree in Electrical Engineering. My summer project is about writing a mHealth app on iOS platform to promote the emergency care methods e.g. CPR among new parents. My hobbies include bodybuilding, Weiqi, badminton and watching movies.

Emanuel Mostofi

I recently graduated and received a BSc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Calgary. My favourite activities include playing the guitar, travelling, playing/watching soccer, and enjoying time with friends and family. This summer I am working on a bibliometric study focused on categorizing the types of research published in top surgical journals.

Bo Bao

​I am a 2nd year medical student at the University of Alberta. My interests outside of medicine involves reading, watching basketball, and hanging out with family/friends. My research interest lies in minimally invasive surgical procedures. For my project, I'm comparing single operator vs dual operator laparoscopic performance. As well, I'm developing an assessment tool to improve teamwork during laparoscopic surgery. 

chengrun li

Chengrun Li graduated from the PLA General Hospital and PLA Medical College,Beijing,China; who has got two Masters degree both cardiothoracic surgery and radiology. He is currently a visit scholar in SSRL,the goal for him is to integrate radiology image ‍‍as well as surgery to construct a more visual,more safe and more effective surgical environment to benifit more patients.

dennis cai

My name is Dennis and I am currently a first year pharmacy student. I completed my undergrad in Honors Biochemistry at the U of A. My current project is investigating practical application of 3D modelling tools in both performing and learning of cochlear implant surgeries. My hobbies include sports (Tae Kwon Do, Badminton), instrumental music and teaching.


I am a second year medical student at the University of Alberta. My current projects include examining the influence of cardiac surgical team size and composition on procedure time and comparing the task performance and cognitive load between individuals working bimanually and individuals working in dyads while performing a laparoscopic task. My hobbies include skiing, biking, running, reading and watching motorsports.

xiaoli liao

Xiaoli worked in the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College as an anesthesiologist for more  than five years after getting the medical doctor degree in Shantou University Medical College. She is currently  receiving training in the surgical simulation research lab focusing on the skill  assessment using eye-tracking technique between expert anesthesiologists and novices performing tracheal intubation.

Dale Chen-Song

Hi, my name is Dale. I like to read, write and play games. I'm a second year undergraduate in General Science at the University of Alberta. I'm researching on a platform for motion synchronization with a beating heart.

Tina sang

I am a first year undergraduate student currently doing my BSc at the University of Alberta. My research project is investigating the relationship between Parkinson's disease and stereopsis as a possible biomarker. I enjoy competitive five-pin bowling and poetry.

Cailey turner

I am entering into my fourth year of my Bachelor of Science Degree, with medicine as my future goal. Outside of academics I enjoy soccer, reading, travelling, and dodgeball. My project this summer is researching how different layers of surgical gloves may effect force control in the hands.
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