Members in SSRL enjoyed their summer times by having a BBQ (May 07, 2018).

 Dr. Yang Li, Associate Professor of East China University of Technology gave a presentation on his research to members at SSRL  (March 22, 2018)..

Lab Activities

 Scientists and researchers were working on different simulation projects, using conventional,  VR,  and AR training platforms  (Summer of 2018).

Fangshi Lu (Summer Student working at the SSRL in 2017) presented her project at the 59th National Student Research Forum 2018 in Galverston, Texas, USA.

Yerly Paola Sanchez (Current Master student) received Ray Rajotte Graduate Award in 2018

Dr. Bin Zheng, Director of SSRL was invited to give a public speech, an event organized by the AlbertaAI  (Feb 27, 2018).

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