Aug 20, 2014

Summer students presented projects at UARE Research Symposium for visiting interns


  • Workload assessment
  • Interface design
  • Education Evaluation

Dr. Birch (Director of CAMIS) and Dr. Boulanger (Director of AMMI Lab)

Dr. Wright and Dr. White, Senior Program Directors in Dept. of Surgery

our services

  • Simulation design
  • Surgical skills training
  • Performance assessment

zheng, bIN, MD PHD 

Director, Endowed Research Chair of Surgical Simulation

Director and Key Collaborators


We Are Together

Since more and more advanced technologies are introduced to the operating theatre, surgeons face new challenges in maintaining their confidence under image-guided and remote-controlled environment.  Equipped with eye-tracking and 3D motion tracking system, Dr. Zheng studies the eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, and the skills acquisition process of surgeons in image-guided surgeries, including laparoscopic, endoscopic and robotic surgery. 

We collaborate with surgeons, computing scientists, and psychologists to develop simulation and simulation-based programs for surgical training.

Differing to most medical researchers focusing on patients and their health problems, Dr. Bin Zheng puts surgeons under the spotlight. 

Our research aims to shorten the learning curve of surgeons using simulation and strengthen their competence in performing image-guided surgeries.


past Projects


Research Areas
  • Surgical simulation: design, assessment, application and evaluation
  • Image-guided surgery: technology, training, patient safety and education
  • Medical Education: Psycho-Motor Assessment on Medical Skills
  • Human Factors in Surgery: eye-hand coordination, team collaboration, 3-D perception, work flow in OR
surgical simulation research lab