May 04, 2015

Meeting graduate student at 1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

Apr. 30, 2015

​Dr. Zheng visited the 4th Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Yiwu, Zhejiang

Dec 24 2015

Dr. Zheng visited IRCAD-Taiwan, the Asian Institute of Telesurgery(AITS) and had a nice chat with Dr. Jame Wu, Institute Director.

May 04, 2015

​Dr. Zheng Visited and gave presentation at 1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

Apr. 27, 2015

​Dr. Zheng visited ZheJiang University College of Medicine Simulation Training Center

Apr. 29, 2015

​Dr. Zheng visited Provincial Hospital of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Nov 24 2015

Dr. Zheng visited the General Military Hospital, Beijing, China. He made a presentation of the research topics of SSRL and seeked for potential collaborations.

Oct 25, 2014

Dr.'s Bin Zheng did a presentation on Robotic Surgery at the Telus World of Science, Edmonton.

Aug 22, 2014

SSRL staff visited the NeoNatal ICU at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women to develop a project to measure the force used in applying CPR to newborns with simulation models.

Sept 6 - 8, 2014

Dr.'s Bin Zheng and Yixiong Zheng attended the 2014 ADT Conference in Beijing and presented Dr. Yixiong's findings while at SSRL.

march, 2014

March 2014, Visit to CESEI at UBC for graduate student defense.


Visit to Zhjiang University in Hangzhou, China, November 2013
Dr. Bin Zheng visited Zhejiang University early November 2013 to establish greater cooperation between Zhejiang University and the University of Alberta in the field of surgical simulation to help improve patient welfare.

OCT, 2013

Oct 2013, Visited the NICU and MIS center at Shantou University Medical School, and met with potential graduate students. 

SEPT, 2013

Sept 2013, Visited Beijing, Invited as a speaker at the MIS conference (Beijing University, Shijitan Hospital)

SEPT, 2013

Sept 2013, visit to Beijing, met Dr. C.B. Guo (Beijing University, Dental Hospital)

MARCH, 2013

Visit to Dr. Gengcai Cheng's Lab in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China

AUGUST, 2012

Visit to West China University Simulation Center in Chengdu, China

June 5, 2014

On June 5, 2014, Dr Zheng met with Dr. Minh Tu Pham at the Laboratoire Ampère, INSA de Lyon in Lyon, France.  There, they discussed possible cooperative projects between medical science and the field of mechanical engineering.

June 4, 2014

On June 4, 2014, Dr. Zheng visited IRCAD, perhaps the top laparoscopic training facility in the world, in Strasbourg, France and met with Dr. Lee Swamstrom, the chief innovation officer at IHU, to build connections for future projects.

APRIL 30, 2014

April 30, 2014, Dr. Zheng visited an eye research lab at the Toronto Western Hospital

APRIL 30, 2014

April 30, 2014, Dr.Zheng attended CHI 2014 in Toronto and had the chance to meet with Dr. Shumin Zhai from Google (left) and Dr. Paul Milgram from the University of Toronto (right).

APRIL 23, 2014

April 23, 2014.  Dr. Zheng visited the Shijitan Hospital in Beijing and gave a presentation.  On the second day there, he had the chance to visit the 301 Hospital to build cooperation around thoracic surgery.

APRIL 21, 2014

April 21, 2014, Dr Zheng visited Sichuang Rehabilitation Hospital. Thousands of patients from the 2008 earthquake are currently undergoing the rehabilitation program here.

APRIL 15, 2014

April 15, 2014, Dr. Zheng visited the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou followed by a visit to a new 3D printing company

June 10, 2014

On June 10, 2014, Dr Zheng met with Dr. G Spaun at the Sister of Charity Hospital in Linz, Austria in order to build better connections with other hospitals with the U of A.

June 11, 2014

On June 11, 2014, Dr Zheng visited the Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality Research  Lab at the .Technische Universität München and met with Dr. Nassir Navab to discuss possible collaborative  projects in the future.

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