I am a computer science graduate who is interested in human computer interaction. My past research involved developing an augmented reality system for viewing medical images. I have experience using various tracking systems and am currently helping with data collection in the lab. My hobbies include film history, esports, rock climbing, metal and organizing the cstalk.net paper discussion group.


I'm a second year undergraduate student studying Engineering at the University of Alberta with interests in biotechnology and nanomedicine. At SSRL my research involves electroencephalography and mental workload analysis

​Research Assistants 


Hello, this is Shang Lu, a master student in Multimedia program (Computing Sciences) in University of Alberta. I am now working in Professor Zheng's lab, developing eye tracking application based on Unity3d and Pupil Labs. I find coding and programming very interesting through my program. In my spare time, I am fond of watching movies. This photo was taken at Panda Passage in Calgary Zoo, May, 2018. I was holding my son while he was watching panda stretching.

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